Managing Orders

Order processing

Before you liven your store, it's important to make sure that your order process is set up correctly. We, therefore, recommend creating a test product and placing an order ON EACH PAYMENT METHOD on your store with a different email address (to the one you are using to access your site backend) so that you can experience the process as a customer would and test your payment methods are all working correctly at the same time. 

1. Create a Test Product

- Products Menu
- Add New
- Title: Test Product
- Scroll down to "Simple Product" and select the "Virtual" box next to it. This is so that you can process a small rand amount as a test sale each time and the site will not calculate shipping on the test product. If however, you do want to test your shipping settings at the same time, you can remove this tick box. 
- Add the Regular Price R1 
- Publish the Product

2. Place an Order

- View the test product on your website frontend
- Add To Cart
- Checkout
- Choose your payment method (repeat this step as you test each of your payment methods)
- Enter your "buyer's info". This is a test so any data will be fine. Just make sure you enter a valid email address and use a different one to the one you use for managing your store.
- Place Order

3. View the order as Store Owner

- Go to Store Management
- Orders
- Open the order and view the options available
- You can change the order status as it moves through the stages i.e. Pending Payment, Processing, On Hold, Cancelled, Refunded, Completed
- You can edit the order on any status except "Completed".
- We also have separate plugins to enhance Order information like adding shipping tracking codes so be sure to check out your available Apps (Plugins) Menu as different plans have different Plugins. 
- If a client wants their order invoice re-sent, this can be done via this screen.
- Make sure that your orders are being sent to the correct email address (one that is managed daily or notifies you when an email arrives).
- Have a look at the information coming through and whether this is sufficient information to process orders. Additional fields can be added to check out with certain additional plugins on certain paid plans.

4. View the order as a customer

- Take a look at the emails your "customer" has received. Change the status of the order and you will notice clients are receiving notifications as well. 

The videos below will help you learn how to manage orders. Where they refer to the "Woocommerce" menu, please go to your "Store Management" menu to find the settings you need.

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