Link your full domain to Oxxle

Or register a new domain

If you do not yet own a domain, please click here to learn how to obtain a domain name.

The steps below require a few technical changes to your domain name. If you already have an established domain name, misconfiguring anything domain related can result in your domain not being reachable. We highly recommend asking your hosting provider to assist with this.

How to point your full domain in cPanel:

Once logged into cPanel, navigate to Zone Editor. Some hosting companies do not have this feature enabled. In this case, please contact your hosting provider for assistance.

Click on manage

The next step involves changing your main A record to Oxxle's network. Before we do that, we need to make sure our MX records stay where they are. If this step is skipped, chances are you will not receive any email anymore on that domain. If you are using office 365. or Gsuite or any 3rd party email service, the step below can be skipped.

Changing the MX record:

In our case below, the MX record is the CNAME record which points to the main domain name. We have to change the record from a CNAME record to an A record. Click on the delete button to remove the CNAME record.

Once deleted, we nor create the new A record. In our case below it is Click on ADD RECORD

Enter mail into the name filed. Set the TTL to 3600. Under Record, enter your currents server IP address.

We now have to change the MX accordingly. On the MX record, click edit.

Change the destination field to the newly created A record we created in the previous step. In our case it is Click Save record.

We are now ready to point our domain to Oxxle. In order to do this, click on edit under the mail A record field.

In the record field enter the following IP:

Click on Save. You are now ready to add your domain into Oxxle.

Enable your domain in Oxxle:

Once logged into Oxxle, navigate to Account.

Under the custom domain section, enter your domain name. Click on Set Custom Domain. You should now be able to access your Oxxle store via the domain.

custom domain


Please note: DNS propagation can take a few hours. So in some cases linking your domain and accessing it straight away is not possible. if you experience any issues or need further support, please click here to log a ticket.