How to sell via WhatsApp

Generate sales by sharing content through WhatsApp

WhatsApp is  a great channel to utilise to generate sales, in fact if you're reading this, you're probably already doing so, therefore this article is to explain how to use your Oxxle store with WhatsApp to generate sales in a more automated way. 

By having your products listed on Oxxle, you're already answering your customer's questions. Your product displays the dimensions, the weight, the shipping cost, the variations available, the stock availability etc. Therefore, by blasting a message to uses over WhatsApp and directing them to your online store for the sales, you're cutting out a lot of unneccessary time which would have been spent on answering customer questions about the products and instead, they can go and help themselves and perhaps even make you some money while you're sleeping!

If you want to make some beautiful WhatsApp marketing images, why not try as a free design tool and then start sharing your messages through Groups, individual messages or creating broadcasts if you're on WhatsApp business. Harness these tools and you'll be generating automated sales in no time.

To get your product links, simply view the product in the browser and then copy the link from the address bar. 

product link

Alternatively, if you want your audience to see your entire range, you can share the shop page link and the best part is you don't even need a full website. Simply hide the Home Page from your Menus and start selling from the Shop Page alone. Your shop page link can be found by going to the Shop Page and then copying the link from the address bar.