How to migrate from Wix to Oxxle

Detailed instructions for transferring your site away from Wix

Export your products from Wix

  1. Log in to your Wix store
  2. Export all of your products - Store Products - Products - Select All - Export to CSV

Import your products into Oxxle

  1. Login to your Oxxle Store
  2. Go to Tools - Import - WooCommerce products (CSV) - Run Importer and upload the file
  3. Open the Wix CSV file and determine which fields are going to be crucial for the import.
  4. Upload the file into Oxxle 
  5. Field Mapping should be done as follows:

Unfortunately, the importer will not be able to import any product variations, and if you did have items in your import file with variations, and you may notice that some of your products have created multiples that you can just trash after the import. You may also need to edit the products after they have been created but at least for the most part your products should be halfway there and this import would have saved quite a bit of time in re-capturing.

Edit your products

  • Edit your products one by one, making sure that they are in the correct categories and check their descriptions, names, prices, SKU code, weight, dimensions etc
  • Add a product image to each one

set product image

Migrate your Media Files

  • Go to your Media Manager in Wix and download all of your media files
  • Import them into Oxxle - Media - Add New - Upload