Get Started - Build your online store

Start selling online by tomorrow

You've just signed up for an online store and want to start selling as quickly as possible, right?

Most people start their Oxxle journey by building their home page but often get sidetracked into the design element or creating content and then end up focusing so much on this that their stores take longer to generate sales.  

So we recommend that you follow this process when building out your store:

  1. Add your products
  2. Set up your shipping options
  3. Set up your payment options
  4. Setup Tax
  5. Edit your other general store settings
  6. Test the order process

Now you can start selling straight away. If for example, a customer shows interest in a product, you can send them a link via Facebook, WhatsApp or Email or Text to that product or send them to your shop page link and they can place an order straight away. 

Then you can finish the job by making your site and store more professional

6. Connect your Facebook so that your Facebook page becomes a sales engine that brings clients to your shop to buy

7. Build your website pages

8. Connect your domain

9. Marketing your store

Ok, let's get started.

Go to our quick start guide

Log in to your store and begin adding products -

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