Fastway for WooCommerce Plugin

Fastway for WooCommerce lets you calculate delivery costs for orders done via Fastway.

The plugin includes a box packer algorithm to calculate the correct number of boxes/satchels a customer’s order can be packed into.

Shipping labels can be created

Important Notes:

  1. Make sure you setup up your Fastway customer Id, API key, User Id and Franchise selection.
  2. Make sure all your packing boxes are set up and conform to Fastway requirements.
    • If your products will not fit into any of our Satchels you have to set up a Custom Box.
  3. The boxing packing algorithm will calculate the delivery cost based on the product details.
    • It considers the items in the cart and each product’s weight and dimension.
  4. You can override the dimensions of the Fastway satchels to better suit your products.
  5. *If your products do not fit into any Satchel or custom box – the plugin will not work for those specific items.

Install the Plugin:

Go to the Apps (Plugins) Menu and search for "Fastway for WooCommerce"

Click on Activate

The plugin should now be installed. You are now ready for the setup of the plugin.
Adding a Shipping Zone
Go to: WooCommerce > Settings


Click the Shipping tab

Click ” Add Shipping Zone” tab

Set the zone name to South Africa and add South Africa to the zone region.

Click “Add shipping method” and select “Fway Shipping” from the drop-down list and ensure that it is enabled.


Remember to Save Changes

Select Shipping Options
Enable the debug mode


* This is needed to ensure that the shipping rates won’t get cached and needed for the plugin to work properly

Configure Fastway Couriers for WooCommerce
Fastway Plugin Settings

Setting up the plugin

Click: Fastway Couriers > Fastway Couriers

Your Fastway Customer ID
Your Fastway API key
Your User ID
Your closest Fastway Regional Franchise
Return price including or excluding VAT (advanced setting)
Use the lowest or highest price returned
Increase or decrease the price returned
Shows debug messages on cart view. *advanced setting – do not enable on live site
It’s recommended that you leave this enabled.
Enables auto label generation
You can select to either generate a Fastway Shipping label on:


  1. Order status update to “Complete”
  2. Or “Payment Complete”

*Do not enable if you prefer to process each order individually. See settings to override

Show debug messages (advanced setting)
DO NOT enable this.


*For Fastway use only

Enable flat rate if you charge a flat rate fee per delivery without considering the destination
Enable free shipping if you offer free shipping for a minimum total cart value.


You can set this per Fastway Zone. If you do not offer free shipping regardless of the zone, leave this field empty.

Setup labels, custom packaging and default settings to override product dimensions

These are our standard satchel dimensions. The packing algorithm will calculate whether the items in the cart would fit into a satchel and select the appropriate satchel size for Shipment. We recommend you leave these dimensions as is.

A5 Satchel
A4 Satchel
A3 Satchel
A2 Satchel
Default settings to override WooCommerce product dimensions.

Note: For the plugin to work, we need the weight and dimensions of your products to calculate the correct Fastway product for shipping. If you have not populated your products weight and dimensions use the Default Product Details tab to set up default weight and dimensions to be used.

If any of your products are too big and won’t into a Fastway Satchel you must set up a custom box for the packing algorithm to calculate a delivery rate.

Note: If you do not have any custom boxes configured – the packing algorithm might pack your orders into more than one Fastway Satchel. Products that exceed the dimensions of any satchel and custom box cannot be ‘packed’ and therefore you will have to adjust your product dimension to conform.

Label Setting


Advanced Settings to override WooCommerce to not generate a Fastway PDF Shipping label.
Enable Don’t create PDF Labels if you prefer to print labels directly from your Fastway portal.


Active Shipping per Product:


Note: If you do not have any custom boxes configured – the packing algorithm might pack your orders into more than one Fastway Satchel. Products that exceed the dimensions of any satchel and custom box cannot be ‘packed’ and therefore you will have to adjust your product dimension to conform.

Fastway Product Settings – Your actual products


We’ve included a Void Product Price Check from the cart calculation. Use this for small items that should not be counted as an individual product when you make use of the Shipping per product.


> View/edit your product and tick Void price check.



Advanced Flat Pricing:


When the cart only contains voided products, the Advanced Flat Pricing will activate.

Override product dimension with defaults.


If you’d like to use the default product weight & dimension, enable this option.


Creating Shipping Labels
Under the WooCommerce tab, open a order.


On the right sidebar of the order, you will see the option to create a shipping label.

Customise your packaging:


If you would like to customise the packaging option for an order, you can specify alternative boxes along with the packed weight of each box.

> Just be sure to update the order before creating the shipping label.

      Customise your packaging:


  1. Click Add Row
  2. Select your package
  3. Enter the weight
  4. Update your order
  5. Click on Create a shipping label
You can now print your shipping label and return to Your Orders to continue processing labels.
Label details will be recorded against each order when you view your order.
Label Screen & Submitting Consignments
Labels can also be printed via the Fastway Couriers > Labels screen.
You may also remove a product from the manifest.
Once you’ve processed all your orders THEN only Submit, Close and Print the manifest.
You can view the balance of your ewallet account.
If you have to cancel the order for whatever reason and want to remove the shipping label, click on “Remove from Manifest” to delete the label. An automated email will be sent to your Fastway Regional Franchise requesting a credit on your account. Credits normally take 3 to 5 business days.
Past Manifests
The Past Manifest screen lets you view previous manifests and associated consignments.
Suburb, Postal Code and Province Confirmation Pop-up


On checkout, once a customer has selected a suburb from the dropdown menu a pop-up will appear confirming the customer’s selection. This will reduce the incorrect Suburb, Postal Code and Province combination which may cause a customers parcel to be misdirected to an incorrect delivery hub.

Product Data
> Shipping
Previously we only supported a Simple product weights and dimensions on Shipping calculation.


This update will now also consider Variable Products and run the same through the packing algorithm.