Apps (Plugins)

Add functionality to your store / enhanced store features

Your store has been set up with all the basics that you need to begin trading, however, if you require additional features, you can check out the plugins available on your package.

  • Apps (plugins) Menu
  • View the available plugins and activate those which you require.
  • Once activated, they will appear in one of 3 places:
    - A new menu item will appear for instances where the plugin initiates a new feature entirely
    - A new sub-menu item will appear under "Store Management (WooCommerce) if it enhances a feature on your store
    - New options will appear in the Product area on every product if it enhances the features of your products
    - New options will appear under Store Management (WooCommerce) -Settings / Reports if it enhances the store settings

If you struggle to find the newly installed options, please contact us

If you require anything not available on Oxxle currently, please talk to us about the plugins you require